Rihanna's fans are starting to get antsy about her upcoming album. The "BBHMM" singer has been somewhat withdrawn from the spotlight as of late, but has finally resurfaced to assure her fans that "Anti" is in the works.

The Barbados-native posted a teaser of sorts on Twitter early Monday morning, which has left the Rihanna Navy itching for new music. Rihanna, 27, shared a photo of herself wearing elaborate headphones and seemingly very little else. Along with the photo, the Grammy award-winner wrote that she was previewing her album. She said nothing more on when the project will be released or what fans should expect.

As was previously reported, it has been rumored that Rihanna plans to release her album around the same time as both Kanye West and Drake. West  announced on Jan. 8 that "Swish" will be available for purchase on Feb. 11. He has since spent a lot of time teasing the album on Twitter, releasing a hand written track-list on this morning. Drake is thought to be releasing his highly anticipated album "Views From the 6" ahead of the Grammy Awards, though no date has been pinned down just yet. Rihanna was believed to be following suit, attempting to push out "Anti" ahead of the awards show.

While it remains unclear when she plans to release her album, fans may not have to wait much longer for a performance from the soulful songstress. On Jan. 17 a promotional video for the 2016 Super Bowl left fans wondering whether or not Rihanna had been pegged to make an appearance during the halftime show. In the short clip she is seen sporting a gold gown while making her way onto the football field. Once in position she faces off against football fanatics and NFL analysts Jim Nantz, Phil Simms and James Brown in a coin toss refereed by Stephen Colbert. The coin used in the face off features a logo for the 58th annual Grammy Awards on one side and a Super Bowl logo on the other. 

No further details are known about "Anti" or its potential release at this time.