Rihanna and Ashton Kutcher have been reportedly seeing each other for the past two months, and the relationship is said to be making Demi Moore sick to her stomach.

No one knew that Rihanna knew the actor, but she was seen leaving his house around 4 a.m. last week. Moore, his ex-wife, is not at all pleased that Kutcher and the Bajan beauty are smitten with each other.

The Daily Mail reported that Moore's friends have said that the new-found romance between Rihanna and Kutcher has sent Moore spiralling. The website also claimed that the actress' friends are now concerned because she had left rehab only a month ago.

In January, TMZ reported that Moore was hospitalized after paramedics were called to her house. It was reported that paramedics on the scene were told that Moore had done whip-its, or inhaling nitrous oxide, before she ended up having seizures.

Moore and Kutcher split in November, following cheating allegations. 

Demi is constantly keeping tabs on Ashton, so when these pictures came up she was understandably devastated, the source told UK Mag, Grazia, as reported by the Daily Mail. Demi's convinced something happened between them and said she felt 'sick to her stomach.'

Though Rihanna is not the first girl Kutcher has been rumored to be dating since his divorce from Moore, she is certainly the most high profile.

Kutcher was also rumored to be dating Lorene Scafaria, a woman whom he was first seen with in December. However, Kutcher's rep has told the media that the two were just friends.

Demi's been acting crazy ever since, trying to find out information about the pair, a source said, according to the Daily Mail. Demi is in such a fragile state, even the idea of them together has affected her quite badly. She's in a terrible way but, at the end of the day, Ashton is a single man and free to do whatever he likes.

That Kutcher has been allegedly seeing Rihanna for eight weeks now has reportedly left Moore humiliated.

Demi can't believe Ashton would do this, a source told Closer Magazine, as reported by UK's Film-News. She's really hurt by the rumours and feels humiliated he's being linked to celebrities just a few weeks after she got out of rehab. She feels it cheapens their marriage still further.