REUTERS/Lucas Jackson

When Chris Brown and Rihanna announced their new musical collaborations released Monday—the first since Brown pled guilty beating Rihanna back in 2009—and were seen candoodling at Rihanna's Beverly Hills Valentine's Day bash, the public consensus was definitively against the couple getting back together.

And now it looks like friends of Chris Brown and Rihanna feel the same way. In a TMZ exclusive published late Wednesday night, the gossip site quoted sources close to the couple as saying that friends of Rihanna and Brown are desperately trying to keep them apart. (Although it might be too late for that—Us Weekly says the stars have been together for nearly a year.)

TMZ also corroborated what Bill Zwecker at the Chicago Sun-Times said about Rihanna being the one who pursued the relationship this go around, writing that Rihanna is still head over heels for Chris, and that if it weren't for the media and her fans—referring to the so-called Rihanna Navy—she would already have taken him back.

Of Chris Brown's nominal relationship with girlfriend Karrueche Tran, who describes herself on Twitter as being at the intersection of Vietnam & the hood, TMZ is not optimistic, although fans could have guessed that already when Us Weekly reported that Karrueche not only knows about Brown's indiscretions, but that she also thinks Chris' studio is where most of the hookups have taken place. But given that Chris Brown is the best thing that the 5'3 aspiring model has going for her, she won't give him up for a few discretions.

Beyond being opposed by the public and Rihanna's fans, the couple reuniting has also been controversial for Rihanna's label, Def Jam Records, which was considering pulling Chris Brown's Birthday Cake remix up until the night before it was officially released. But the release likely paid off, as it was all anyone was talking about on Monday—and as they say, all publicity is good publicity.

Then again, they also say that it's all fun and games until Chris Brown winds up punch[ing] her in the face with his right hand while steering the vehicle with his left.

And as Bill Zwecker's ended his scoop on the couple getting back together, More drama is sure to come.