Rihanna and Chris Brown's rumored romantic reunion has caused a lot of ire for the two pop stars, but none stung as hard as Jay-Z and Beyoncé's message to Rihanna: dump Chris Brown, or you don't get to see our new baby.

Well, it looks like Rihanna may have made her decision – and she's chosen the baby! The pop star was photographed outside her hotel yesterday, returning after a visit with Jay-Z and Beyoncé's baby, Ivy Blue Carter, in Manhattan's Tribeca neighborhood, according to MTV. Does this mean she's chosen Jay and Bey over Chris?

British tabloid NOW reported last week that Jay-Z had Beyoncé deliver Rihanna an ultimatum: you can either see Chris or Blue Ivy, but not both. Jay-Z's not only Rihanna's mentor, he's also like her big brother, the British weekly reported. He got Beyonce to tell Rihanna he doesn't want her around the baby if she takes Chris back.

And that was of course not the first hint of tension between Rihanna and Jay-Z over the rumored relationship. The most public rebuke came a few weeks earlier, when Jay-Z reportedly dropped Rihanna from Roc Nation single R.I.P. in favor of up-and-comer Rita Ora. Reports are that the song – authored by Drake, produced by U.K. dubstep duo Chase & Status, and featuring Rihanna's friend Tinnie Tempah – was specifically written for Rihanna, which made the diss doubly harsh.

Tinnie and Rihanna, at least, appear to have put the incident beside them, with the two sending taudry tweets back and forth a few weeks ago.

And now, it seems, Jay-Z and Beyoncé are back in Rihanna's life.

So the question is: is Rihanna really done with Chris Brown for good, or has she managed to convince Jay and Bey to overlook her appetite for her former abuser?

A sad tweet from Rihanna the other day suggests that she may indeed be done with Chris – and that she's not totally thrilled about it! On Saturday during a visit to her grandparents in Brooklyn, the Rihanna tweeted the following lyrics to a raggae song: Dry cry, even tears...even my heart cries, but who cares?! Whose fault? No one, but myself!