TNT’s crime series “Rizzoli & Isles” ended after seven long seasons last Monday, Sept. 5. The series finale drew tears, heartbreaks and nostalgia as the Boston Police Department filmed farewell videos.

We still can’t get over Jane Rizzoli (Angie Harmon) and Maura Isles’ (Sasha Alexander) farewell videos. At least, the series ended on a high note. Still, we would have loved it if it continued. Alas, all good things must end, no?

While fans (and we) come to terms with the series’ imminent death, here are five reasons we’ll miss TV show:

1. Rizzles

There’s no denying that the chemistry between Jane and Maura kept fans hooked to “Rizzoli & Isles.” Although many viewers wished that the two female leads hooked up, the series was more about two powerful, independent women solving crimes and helping people rather than their love lives. That’s what made the show great – Rizzles!

Furthermore, Jane and Maura perfectly balanced each other. Not only did they have a strong friendship, but the dynamic duo never let anything get in the way of their bond.

2. Solving Crime

Granted that sometimes, the cases in “Rizzoli & Isles” lacked luster, were not interesting enough or were not resolved properly. But when the TNT series did deliver intriguing mysteries, they were fun to watch. Guess we’ll have to look elsewhere for our daily dose of crime cases.

3. The Boston Police Department

The Boston Police Department – including Jane’s brother Frankie (Jordan Bridges), Korsak (Bruce McGill) and Nina (Idara Victor) – always worked together as a team to nab serial killers and criminals. This was especially seen during the hunt for Alice Sands in seasons 6 and 7.

4. Sasha Alexander And Angie Harmon

It’s hard to see anyone else play Jane and Maura as brilliantly as Alexander and Harmon. The two actresses are good friends in real life and they certainly bring this unique bond between them while portraying the two female leads of the series.

Additionally, it was refreshing to see a show being headlined by two women at a time when not many had only female leads.

5. The Comedy

Yes, sometimes the comedy in “Rizzoli & Isles” was downright boring, silly or unnecessary. But sometimes, it did provide a nice break from the intense crime-solving. Otherwise, the show would no fun at all.

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