Is “Rob and Chyna” returning for a second season?

Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna have reportedly agreed to have the birth of their daughter filmed for an E! Special, according to Us Weekly. The engaged couple also reportedly agreed to have the baby shower and Chyna’s preparation for the birth to be filmed.

Even though it has already been confirmed that the birth will be for a special, there is also a chance that snippets of it will be shown in the second season of the couple’s reality show since it has reportedly been renewed.

There have been rumors saying the show has been canceled due to poor ratings and Kardashian’s unwillingness to shoot for the second run. Producers of the show are not keen on picking it up for another season, according to TMZ, but they are not exactly tired of putting Chyna in front of the camera. A source with knowledge of the production reportedly said that a spin-off starring Chyna may happen if “Rob and Chyna” folds.

Rumors about the show’s cancellation started swirling around the same time that talks about the end of Kardashian and Chyna’s relationship surfaced. The two, however, were quick to refute the rumors. The two have had rough patches in the past couple of months. The most recent hurdle was the surfacing of photos of Chyna kissing aspiring singer Pilot Jones. Chyna already cleared up the rumors via a series of posts on her Instagram, and she and Kardashian appear to still be together.

In fact, the couple even celebrated Halloween together. Chyna, as well her 4-year-old son with Tyga named King Cairo, dressed up as Kardashian for the occasion. The Lashed owner and Kardashian also dressed up as characters from “The Purge” later that night. Chyna posted a photo of her and Kardashian in costume and captioned it: “Find somebody that’s just as crazy as you.”​