If you can’t get enough of Rob Gronkowski’s off-field antics, you may be in luck. “The Gronks,” an animated series loosely based on the lives of the New England Patriots star and his four brothers, is reportedly in the works.

The Gronkowski family and its representatives are reportedly pitching the idea for an animated television series, Deadspin reports. In fact, a “sizzle reel” for the series about their exploits has already surfaced, and can be viewed here.

While the Gronkowskis are allowing their managers, Henry Penzi and Wayne Carmona, to pitch the series to TV executives during the current NFL season, the family plans on ramping up their campaign after the Super Bowl, Deadspin reports. The Gronkowski brothers reportedly plan on showing up to offseason meetings with Hollywood executives en masse in a bid to “instantly sell” the animated series.

Furthermore, “The Gronks” may already have the backing of an experienced television executive. Ricky Blitt, a well-known writer who has also acted as a co-producer for “Family Guy,” is reportedly interested in working on the show, Deadspin reports. In addition, Penzi and Carmona have a working relationship with Mark Wahlberg, the prominent actor and producer.

If the leaked sizzle reel for “The Gronks” is any indication, the series will have no shortage of material. The video clip features appearances from all five Gronkowski brothers -- Rob, Gordy Jr., Dan, Glenn, and Chris -- as well as their father, Gordy Gronkowski Sr. Three of the five Gronkowski brothers -- Rob, Chris and Dan -- are current NFL players.

The sizzle reel also reveals several possible storylines for a potential television series. For example, Rob Gronkowski is the group’s troublemaker and was frequently in trouble at school, while Dan is the brother who “keeps them all in line.”

The entire, slightly NSFW “Gronks” sizzle reel can be viewed below, or over at Deadspin. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that the teaser turns into a full-on television series.