It just wouldn’t be Halloween without some serioulsy spooky news. And it wouldn’t be “seriously spooky news” without Rob Zombie. The horror director announced today that he’s pushing forward with his latest horror film, “31.”

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Zombie completed a successful 90-day crowdfunding campaign designed to finance the project.

Fittingly, “31” is set on Halloween (Oct. 31) and follows a group of five carnival workers who get kidnapped the night before the fright-filled holiday. According to Variety, they’re held hostage in a compound known as Murder World. In a ghoulish game, the group has 12 hours to survive Murder World after deranged killers dressed as clowns are released to hunt them down.

In a video on his crowdfunging page, Zombie says the film was inspired by something he heard which, he realizes, might not even be true: that more people go missing on Halloween (and are never found) than on any other day of the year.

“I thought, that’s a good premise for a film,” he said. “[And] most people I know are terrified of clowns for some reason, or at least made incredibly uncomfortable by clowns.”

Previous Rob Zombie credits include “House of 1,000 Corpses” (2003), “The Devil’s Rejects” (2005), “Halloween” (2007), “Halloween II” (2009) and “The Lords of Salem” (2014).

Zombie will shop the film around to the American Film Market, according to The Wrap. Once it’s picked up, the nightmarish Halloween epic will be on its way to the big screen. In the meantime, you can creep yourself out by watching the NSFW teaser trailer below. Or, if you’re brave enough, you can check out the horrifying concept art and message boards on Zombie’s crowdfunding page.