Robert Blake teed off on Piers Morgan last night when the Baretta star said he felt insulted that the CNN host told him he wasn't sure if Blake was being truthful about the murder of his wife, Bonnie Lee Bakley. Blake also became enraged because Piers Morgan wanted to ask questions about Bakley's death.

Robert Blake, the 78-year-old actor who was acquitted of murdering wife Bonnie Lee Bakley back in March 2005, gave a rare interview to Piers Morgan, which you can view below, that quickly turned combative.

Morgan initially asked Robert Blake if he remembered the night of May 4, 2001 - the date that Bakley was murdered.

Blake, best known for his stint on the 1970s TV show Baretta, was calm in answering, saying he did remember, but started to become confrontational when Morgan started to ask a question about Blake and Bakley having dinner at a restaurant moments before she was murdered.

Robert Blake asks Piers Morgan where are you going? with the question.

I'm interested in what happened, Morgan said.

What are you doing? What the hell are you doing? Blake responded, after which Morgan took out his earpiece to demonstrate to Blake that the questions were coming from him and not CNN producers.

Let me help you. Let me take this out of my ear. There's no one talking to me, OK. You haven't got to worry. There is nobody talking to me. Morgan said. These are my questions for you, which are based, in my view ... legitimately, on your story.

After Robert Blake and Bonnie Lee Bakley left Vitello's in Studio City, Calif., Blake realized he left his gun at the Italian restaurant and went back into the establishment with Bakley in their car. When he returned, Bakley was shot to death. Forensic evidence showed the gun Blake had left at Vitello's was not the murder weapon.

Now you want to know what happened that night? You're not curious about my story, Blake said in an increasingly angry tone. I thought you said you researched this so you know what happened that night.

Blake said Morgan's questioning was boring as hell.

I don't think it's boring. You're wife got murdered, the CNN host shot back.

Blake gave Piers Morgan the rare interview with the intention of speaking about his new memoir, Tales Of A Rascal and told Morgan that there's more to his life than the night Bonnie Lee Bakley was murdered.

But there's probably nothing more significant in your life than ... the murder of your wife, Morgan said.

The remark was interrupted by expletives spewed by Blake.

I didn't murder my wife, the actor went on to say. It might be significant to you, but it isn't to me.

His voice rising, Blake said personally, it's not the most significant thing in my life.

That distinction, the actor said, goes to finding an audience after starting out in acting at 2 years old.

Bonnie Lee Bakley's death doesn't even rank second on Blake's list of significant things to happen to him. Blake said going to the MGM lot and starting as an extra and going on to star in his first film three years later.

Blake's expletives were not only aimed at Morgan. When he said what subjects made it into his memoir, he mentioned there are chapters about those rotten bastard cops that ripped my guts out and left me beside the road to die.

He was referring to cops and prosecutors who were intent on seeing him spending the rest of his life in prison for Bakley's murder.

I'll get to you son of a b------ later, but don't think you're going to get off the hook, Blake said. I was supposed to die in that cell, wasn't I? You bastards, I didn't die and you didn't get your book deals, you mothers! I wrote a book about you, so you'll have to go out and rip some other celebrity 'till he's dead. Then you can write a book about him.

Realizing he was getting intense, Blake turned to Morgan and said, I'm sorry, I'm back.

Except he wasn't, explaining that another part of his memoir details 20 years of a crazy, bulls--- marriage, referring to his first wife, Sondra.

Watch Robert Blake go off on Piers Morgan below: