Kristen Stewart may be standing by the decision that led her to stray from her former boyfriend, Robert Pattinson, but according to new reports, the “Twilight” stars are far from calling their love quits.

Recent reports from HollywoodLife indicate that, Pattinson, 27, and his 23-year-old former mate celebrated Valentine’s Day Friday, completely disregarding their split last May. Despite Stewart’s decision to end their three-year relationship by cheating with her married “Snow White and the Huntsman” director, Rupert Sanders, 42, the gossip site is reporting that Pattinson sent his on-screen turned off-screen lover flowers on Feb. 14.

“Even though he and Kristen aren’t together, he wanted to make sure that she knows she still matters to him,” said an insider, adding, “Rob is good with stuff like that.”

While Pattinson was reportedly the first to recognize his ex, Stewart is rumored to have also reciprocated. According to HollywoodLife, Stewart sent the British actor candid photos of herself and their shared animals in order to commemorate Valentine’s Day while Pattinson is on location in Morocco wrapping the biographical drama “Queen of the Desert." “Kristen sent Rob some really cute photos of Bear, Bernie and Bailey all cuddling, along with some silly selfies,” an unidentified pal of Stewart’s revealed, claiming the duo have made it a point to celebrate one another every Feb. 14. “Kristen likes to keep it light and fun, and Rob has always been a bit more traditional and romantic,” added the insider regarding the pair's respective gifts.

What does this mean for fans of the “Twilight” stars? Rumors has it that the duo might give their fractured relationship another shot in the future. “They both are still crazy about each other,” said Stewart’s pal. Another source also added fuel to the rumors of a possible Robsten reconciliation, saying, “Kristen has been telling all of their mutual friends that she’s over Rob and ready to move on, but it’s not true. She knows it will get back to Rob, and it is all part of her plan to get him back.”

Stewart last discussed her love life in the March issue of Marie Claire magazine, released earlier this month. “You don’t know who you’ll fall in love with. You just don’t. You don’t control it,” said Stewart, adding a special message to her non-fans, saying, “I stand by every mistake I’ve ever made. So judge away.”