Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego Robert Pattinson? After Pattinson's highly publicized fall out with cheating long term girlfriend Kristen Stewart, the "Twilight" heartthrob has turned to a friend for some help (and shelter). According to reports, Pattinson is staying at former co-star Reese Witherspoon's vacation home in Ojai, California.

It's been a "Where's Waldo?" situation for the actor. Horrified over Stewart's infidelities and public aology, Pattinson has moved out of the Los Angeles home he shared with his former sweetheart and flocked into solidarity.

A few days ago Pattinson was reportedly spotted at an East London club on Brick Lane. Club goers told HollywoodLife.com that they recall seeing the actor with a group of friends looking "pretty happy considering everything that has happened." The star was also said to be surrounded by "a lot of pretty girls."

Pattinson may have traded in the partying London night life for some quiet time on Witherspoon's Ojai ranch. According to People.com, Pattinson turned to his "Water for Elephants" co-star and friend Reese Witherspoon immediately after leaving Stewart. The actor is trying to regroup after learning of Stewart's hot hookup with married "Snow White and the Hunstman" director Rupert Sanders.

"He doesn't know what to do," a source told Us Weekly about his depression over his long time girlfriend. "He doesn't know if he should forgive [Kristen] or not."

The actor will have plenty of time to think over his unfortunate and heart breaking situation while hiding out in the Ojai home, the same place that Witherspoon married talent agent Jim Toth last year. According to the New York Daily News, Pattinson isn't the only occupant on the ranch though. The property is home to donkeys, goats, pigs and chickens.