Robert Pattinson's girlfriend FKA twigs says she has never watched the “Twilight” movies, where Pattinson plays the vampire Edward Cullen. In her latest interview with the Sunday Times of London, the British singer also denied reports that she is getting married soon and talked about how uncomfortable it makes her to discuss her private life.

“Who told you I was getting married?” twigs asks interviewer Katie Glass. The writer tells twigs that she has read reports in media regarding her marriage to Pattinson. “You might read somewhere I’m a monkey, and it doesn’t mean I am,” twigs replied, adding that she was “not prepared to talk about my private life” and did not “really understand the fascination.”

She also told Glass this could be her "last interview” and such questions make her "feel nutty.” Twigs also says that she and Pattinson both like to spend their time at home, enjoying themselves. “I absolutely love it. That’s all I want to be, I’m such a home bod.”

Twigs also fails to understand why her relationship with the “Twilight” actor is always under the scanner. “I don’t understand what the levels [of fame] are. I’m a bit naive,” she tells Glass, adding that she does not read tabloid magazines like Heat and “don’t engage in that world, even with myself, even with my own career.”

Glass also asks twigs, whose real name is Tahliah Debrett Barnett, if she had ever watched “Twilight” and she replies, “No.” The writes also asks her if she fears that getting married in future will hamper her creativity. “No, I don’t think it works like that. Don’t you get freedom with age and experience, not confines?”

Twigs, who is of Jamaican, Spanish and English descent, cried and broke down during the interview while recalling an incident about racism. The “Figure 8” singer was replying to a friend of a cancer-stricken fan who tweeted a picture of them at the hospital. What followed next was a slew of racial abuse. “They all started attacking her. Within 20 seconds it was just like n-----, monkey, ugly, die b----, all this stuff on his feed.”