Robin Williams' daughter Zelda took to her Tumblr account Monday after it was revealed she and her siblings had eight weeks to work things out with her late father's third wife, Susan Schneider Williams. The 25-year-old spoke out because "misinformation is painful," she wrote on Twitter. 

Zelda denied anything had been taken from the California home where the beloved actor/comedian and Susan lived. In fact, she said, she and her siblings -- Zak and Cody -- have not visited the home since their father died last August. “My brothers and I have not at any point since Dad’s death been invited to or visited his and Susan’s house in Tiburon, nor have we removed anything from it,” she wrote in the Tumblr post Monday.

“For reporters to twist Susan’s court petition to imply that she believes my siblings and I did otherwise is to attempt to create drama where there is none and spread outright falsehoods, sadly a more and more common occurrence on the ‘news’ these days,” Zelda added.

But that wasn't all. Zelda also added a 140-character tweet to her Tumblr post. "Gossip is often more 'interesting' than fact, but blood runs thicker than ink. I will always stand up for my brothers against outright lies," she said.

Zelda's comments came after it was reported that Williams' three children and Schneider have eight weeks to sort out disputes over the late Oscar-winning actor’s property and money. The star committed suicide in his California home last August at age 63.

Schneider wants specific items like the tuxedo he wore to their wedding and art and furniture from their home, Reuters reported. She also wants money to maintain the property. 

"Robin Williams didn't mean for the house to be gutted, furniture removed and art taken off the walls," Schneider’s attorney James Wagstaffe told Reuters. "This is a normal process and there's nothing unusual about this. If the estate is a lake, what Susan is seeking is a bucket."

Williams’ loved ones might be able to come to a peaceful agreement, Wagstaffe told People magazine. "[Schneider and the children] will meet in good faith within the next two weeks," he said, adding, "A large percentage of these items are not disputed." 

While Wagstaffe is optimistic, Andrew Bassak, an attorney for Williams's children, told People that might not be the case. "I don't know and I can't speculate," he said about a possible resolution, adding, "There is still a lot to be worked out." 

The Williams’ children and Schneider will meet in court again on June 1 if they cannot come to an agreement.

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