One of the best players in the MLB and one of the most influential stars in music are teaming up.

Robinson Cano has reportedly fired agent Scott Boras and replaced him with rapper and business mogul Jay-Z.

The New York Yankees second baseman will leave, perhaps, the most renowned agent in all of sports, and has signed with Creative Artists Agency. According to ESPN’s Darren Rovell, Jay-Z announced on Tuesday that his entertainment company, Roc Nation, is forming a partnership with CAA.

"At this point in my career, I am ready to take a more active role in my endeavors on and off the field," Cano said, in a statement. "I am confident that the pairing of Roc Nation Sports and CAA Sports will be essential in helping me accomplish my short and long-term goals. I am making this important decision now so I can keep my focus on helping the Yankees succeed in 2013, while minimizing any distractions for me and my teammates."

Cano is in the final year of his contract, and the MLB star has been unable to reach a new agreement with the Yankees. New York made their top hitter an offer in the winter, but the talks did not progress.

The move to CAA Sports could be good news for the Yankees, who are looking to sign Cano to a multi-year deal. Jeff Passan of Yahoo Sports reports that almost every MLB player with CAA signs a contract extension, rather than becoming a free agent. Buster Posey, Ryan Braun and Roy Halladay are just a few examples.

According to Rovell, Jay-Z’s new partnership with Cano is the first step in his quest to become a certified agent. The rapper, reportedly, wants to represent athletes in the NBA, MLB and NFL.

“Because of my love of sports, it was a natural progression to form a company where we can help top athletes in various sports the same way we have been helping artists in the music industry for years,” said Jay-Z, whose real name is Shawn Carter.

Jay-Z has never represented a professional athlete, but he does have experience in the world of sports business. He owns a small stake in the Brooklyn Nets franchise. He would have to relinquish that share if he were to become an agent for basketball players.