Rolling Stone plans to publish an external review of a disputed article detailing an alleged gang rape at the University of Virginia. The review is expected to be published “in the next couple of weeks,” Rolling Stone managing editor Will Dana told the New York Times.

The article “A Rape on Campus,” published in November, detailed the account of a female student who was allegedly sexually assaulted by several men at a fraternity party. While the story sparked debates and conversations about how colleges and universities handle sexual assault on their campuses, several portions of the story were called into question in December.

Rolling Stone admitted it hadn’t independently verified the victim’s allegations, issued an apology and promised to investigate what went wrong with the story. Shortly after, it enlisted the help of the Columbia School of Journalism, led by dean Steve Coll, to conduct an independent review. The review reportedly will be published in April in Rolling Stone’s print magazine, CNN Money reported.

The Charlottesville, Virginia, Police Department is also expected to release the results of its own investigation into the alleged sexual assault reported in the magazine, USA Today reported. Those results will be presented during a press conference Monday at 2 p.m. EDT, according to a statement on the police department’s website.

The University of Virginia restored Phi Kappa Psi -- the fraternity house allegedly involved in the gang rape -- in January after consulting with police. The fraternity agreed to new rules as part of its restoration, including the banning of kegs and the requirement for beer to be served in closed cans.

"The statement reads that we did not find any substantive basis to confirm the allegations occurred at Phi Kappa Psi, not that we said the assault did not occur. We are still investigating," Charlottesville Police Capt. Gary Pleasants told the Associated Press in January.