Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney's campaign announced Monday it raised $101.3 million in July, the second month in a row it has passed the $100 million mark.

The success of the Romney Victory Fund and Republican National Committee may amplify concerns among Democrats, who have been trying to increase President Barack Obama's own haul. The latest numbers represent the third straight month Obama and the Democratic Party - who together raised $75 million in July -- trailed Romney and the Republicans in fundraising.

The Romney campaign reports 94 percent of all donations it received last month were for $250 or less; the 600,627 small dollar donations totaled about $25.7 million of its contributions. Meanwhile, the Obama campaign says 98 percent of its haul comprised of donations of $250 or less, with the average donation of $53.49.

GOP-aligned super PACs have also poured millions into the Republican war chest this election season. A handful of pro-Republican outside spending groups have spent tens of millions of dollars toward Obama's defeat on Nov. 6.

The pro-Obama super PAC Priorities USA has raised about $21 million this year. In comparison, the pro-Romney Restore Our Future has brought in a massive $82.2 million.

Still, the actual Obama campaign has consistently outpaced Romney's. The president's reelection has collected more than $300 million in individual contributions, almost double the $153.5 million collected by Romney.

Moreover, the source of that money indicates Obama has managed to hold onto some of the grassroots support that launched him to the presidency in 2008. More than $121 million of the Obama campaign's haul has come from contributions below $250, while only $25.5 million of the Romney's campaign's donations have come from those small-dollar contributions.