Mitt Romney’s strong performance in his first debate with President Barack Obama helped him slash Obama’s once-formidable lead in Michigan to three percentage points, a poll released Monday shows.

Obama’s 47-37 percent lead in a September poll by EPIC-MRA of Lansing collapsed to 48 to 45 percent -- within the margin of error -- according to the same pollster's survey of 600 likely voters, the Detroit Free Press reports. The new poll was taken in the three days following Wednesday's debate, which respondents agreed Romney won.

Undecided voters shrank from the September survey’s 16 percent to just 7 percent.

“Romney has come back like gangbusters,” said EPIC-MRA President Bernie Porn. “Whether or not it’s long-lasting, only time will tell, but probably the remaining debates will be key.”

Romney, a former governor of Massachusetts, is a son of the late Michigan Gov. George Romney.