Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul challenged his much younger rivals to a bike ride to prove his physical fitness after moderator Wolf Blitzer had asked him about his age and health in the CNN-Florida debate Thursday. 

Blitzer asked 76-year-old Paul whether he was ready to release his medical records to prove that he was fit enough to handle the president's job and the challenges associated with it. Paul replied that he was perfectly willing to do so as it was only a one-page record. 

He didn't stop at that and said he would challenge his Republican rivals for a 25-mile bike ride in the Texas heat anytime.

He reminded Blitzer of the U.S. laws against age discrimination and said the moderator would land himself in trouble if he continued to bring the age issue every now and then.

Paul is the oldest of the Republican candidates in the poll fray. He is known for his grass root campaign strategies and is much active in the campaign trail. 

Click here to watch the video clip that shows Paul challenging his rivals for the long distance bike ride.