Ronan Farrow is Frank Sinatra’s love child with Mia? There are two people who think that rumor is utterly absurd: Ol’ Blue Eyes’ widow Barbara Sinatra and Ronan's assumed father Woody Allen.

During an interview with Vanity Fair, Farrow said that even though she and Sinatra divorced two years after they married, they never really “split up” and that son Ronan, 25, could “possibly” be the “My Way” singer’s biological son.

Ronan fueled the rumors after the magazine interview went viral by taking to his Twitter account and writing, “Listen, we're all *possibly* Frank Sinatra's son.” His mother promptly retweeted the post.

While the story might be tabloid gold, there’s someone who’s not amused by it. Barbara responded to the quasi-claim in an interview of her own, where she said that it was “phony.” Barbara was Sinatra’s fourth and final wife. The two were married for 22 years until the singer died when he was 82 in 1998.

Even though Sinatra's daughter Nancy told Variety that Ronan was a big part of the Sinatra family, Barbara, 84, told Palm Springs, Calif., newspaper the Desert Sun that the story was “junk.”

She added that her late husband would have been 72 when Ronan, 25, was born. "I can't hardly believe that. It's just a bunch of junk. There's always junk written -- lies that aren't true.” She added, “It sounds like a phony to me.”

Allen also takes issue with the story, where he was also accused of sexually abusing Farrow’s daughter Dylan. “The article is so fictitious and extravagantly absurd that he is not going to comment," a representative for the filmmaker, 77, told the Associated Press via

A DNA test has not been done to determine Ronan’s father.