Just days after wife Joey Feek lost her battle with stage 4 cervical cancer, Rory Feek is making plans for her funeral. The country singer, who made up one-half of the Grammy-nominated duo Joey+Rory, shared a photo of the farm on which Joey will be buried.

Rory, 49, posted a serene photo on Instagram of the Tennessee farm he and Joey once shared with their daughter, Indiana, and his two daughters from a previous marriage, Hopie and Heidi. In the caption he alluded to funeral preparations, telling followers he was making plans he hoped neither he nor Joey would ever have to make in their lifetimes. According to Us Weekly, Joey’s final resting place will be located on the Feek family farm. The date for her funeral has yet to be specified.


...making plans that I hoped we would never have to make.

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The father of three returned home to Tennessee on Sunday after spending several months in Indiana, where Joey was in hospice care. He alerted fans of his return home through photos, sharing one in which he and daughter Indiana Feek bonding with their horses and another of the farm on a beautiful, springlike day.

In November, nearly three months before Joey’s death, Rory took to their family blog to discuss her final wishes. Her wrote that she’d asked him to “find a good spot in the family cemetery” — the same location they spread Rory’s mother’s ashes in 2014. Joey requested that wherever Rory lay her to rest, he leave enough room for him next to her “someday…in God’s time.”

Joey died on March 4 after battling stage 4 cervical cancer for nearly two years. She was diagnosed in May 2014. In the days leading up to her death Rory wrote on their family blog that she’d gathered the members of her family around her hospice bed, which she’d been confined to for some time, to say her final goodbyes. She reminded her children and other family members that she loved them before requesting some one-on-one time with Rory and her youngest daughter. Her husband assured fans that Joey was ready to die, revealing that she told him, “It’s time to go home” before falling into a deep sleep. She was 40 years old.