Joey Feek has fought cancer long and hard for years and now, she's ready to say goodbye. The country singer's husband, Rory Feek, who makes up one half of the Grammy nominated musical duo Joey+Rory, took to their blog to update fans on her final goodbyes.

While she is not gone yet, Rory, 49, told fans that his wife's days are limited. According to a report from People magazine, Joey, 40, told her husband she is "ready to stop fighting," and requested to see their young daughter Indiana before falling into a deep slumber. On the blog, titled "This Life I Live," Rory detailed Joey's last moments with "little Indy." He wrote that he brought her in to sit with her mother in the hospice bed she's been confined to. Joey and Rory both shed tears during the gut wrenching moment. Joey explained to Indiana that she loved her very much before giving her one final kiss. She has been asleep since then and nurses assured Rory that Joey will "only be us for a few more days."

"She was ready to stop fighting and she told me so. She said the flowers would soon be blooming in Tennessee. It's time to go home," Rory told blog readers. "Joey gathered her family together around her and said goodbye to each of them. There were lots of tears as she explained to each one how much she loved them and that she was going to be going home soon."

Although Joey will be gone soon, leaving Rory and her children behind, the father of three has plenty of good memories to look back on. On Feb. 24 he posted a video on Facebook from their 2015 trip to Hawaii. The couple and their kids jetted to the island paradise to celebrate Rory's birthday together. Along with the video he wrote a lengthy message in which he discussed how both "nothing" and "everything" had changed since that trip. Rory fondly looked back on packing their bags for what he described as their "favorite vacation." As was reported by People, that trip was different from those they'd taken in previous years because for once they actually had no shows scheduled, just family time.

Rory has been open with fans about Joey's cancer battle, sharing almost daily updates on her worsening condition. He often uploads photos to social media, as well as detailed posts on their blog. On Feb. 21 Rory shared a picture on Instagram of his wife preparing dinner for their family from her hospice bed. Since she was unable to get to the kitchen Rory assembled a work station of sorts at her bedside using rolling tables and kitchen tools like a blender, cutting boards and knives. The photo showed Joey pouring a green vegetable, finely chopped, from a blender to a bowl and proved that even in her worst state she was the head of her household.

Fans continue to rally in support of Joey and Rory, commenting on their blog posts as well as many social media pages. Rory has been silent about Joey since announcing that she was near death.