Rosie O'Donnell revealed details about her new talk show at the Television Critics Association (TCA) Summer Session in Beverly Hills on Friday.

O'Donnell said "The Rosie Show," which debuts Oct.10 on Oprah Winfrey's cable network, OWN, will feature comedy, celebrities, game shows, news topics and more, reports the L.A. Times.

Winfrey was also on hand to discuss the new show, which will have a 7 p.m. weeknight schedule. The popular talk show host joined O'Donnell on stage in front of a huge "OWN" sign.

O'Donnell, 49, delivered much praise for her new boss, after revealing that previous offers from mainstream TV networks were turned down.

"It's a huge stamp of approval that is beyond anyone's dream. It's almost like being knighted," O'Donnell told reporters.

There was also plenty of laughter during the panel, as O'Donnell threw in a few gems when asked how she would relate to the audience in "The Rosie Show."

"I am more the audience . . . no-one is at home going, 'If I could only be Rosie O'Donnell, an overweight lesbian who yells too much,'" she joked.

O'Donnell also cited British actor Russell Brand and singer Adele as dream guests on the new show.

"The Rosie Show" will end a nine-year absence from television for O'Donnell, whose last talk show ran from 1996-2002.