Manchester United may have new owners.

According to reports, the Al Thani family have increased their bid to £1.5bn, which is a big jump from the £1 billion offer that Glazers rejected earlier this month.

Apparently, the Al Thani family, who are the royal family of Qatar, are involved in a rivalry with the Abu Dhabi royal family, who have dropped millions on their club, Manchester City.

The Glazers continue to say that Manchester United is not up for sale, and have denied the bid from the Al Thani family.

There are rumours that the Al Thani family may partner with the Red Knights, a group of wealthy United fans who want take away control from the Glazers.

Are Manchester United up for sale?

Well, every team has its price. If the Al Thani family, or anyone, give the Glazers an offer they can't refuse, the Glazers will take it. Certainly the anti-Glazer sentiment that many United fans have expressed will have no impact.