Kansas City Royals legend George Brett got into a heated altercation with an overzealous autograph hunter this week, threatening to shoot the man if he asked for his signature again.

Brett, 60, encountered autograph-hunter Brandon Farrens at Kansas City International Airport on Wednesday, local television station KCTV reports. When Farrens approached Brett, the Hall of Fame baseball player reluctantly signed a photograph, but not before unleashing a profanity-laced tirade.

"This is the f---ing last time,” Brett said in a video of the incident. “If I ever f---ing see you again, I’m going to shoot your f---ing ass. Do you understand? This is the last f---ing time ever.”

Farrens and Brett have crossed paths before. The self-proclaimed “autograph collector” claims to have asked Brett for his autograph on about 35 separate occasions, and gotten it about 15 times.

While he admits to having sold the autographs before, Farrens told KCTV that he didn’t understand the need for Brett’s anger. “All he had to say was ‘no’ or ignore me,” Farrens told the television station.

While Brett has yet to comment on the fan encounter, Toby Cook, a spokesman for the Royals, said on Thursday that the former player regretted his choice of words. Cook added that Brett was tired from his flight.

At the same time, Cook stressed that Brett wouldn't apologize for his actions, KCTV reports. The Royals legend claims that Farrens has harassed him for autographs on numerous occasions, then profits off the signatures by selling them. Brett is reportedly tired of dealing with Farrens’ incessant requests.

Farrens’ Facebook page contains several photos of the autograph hunter with well-known celebrities, including Snoop Dogg and college basketball star Andrew Wiggins, KCTV reports. The station also notes that an unnamed party sought a restraining order against Farrens in 2011, but the documents are sealed.