It’s only about a week before the return of E! Channel’s original scripted series titled “The Royals.” Lead actress Elizabeth Hurley, who plays Queen Helena, talks about how guest star Joan Collins steals every scene and dishes on what’s to expect in Season 2.

Collins made a brief appearance in Season 1 of “The Royals” as the Grand Duchess Alexandra. She is Queen Helena’s mother and perhaps the only person in the series who can give the Queen any orders.

In an interview with E! Online, Hurley talks about Collins and her return to the set of “The Royals.” “She’s fabulous in Season 2," says Hurley. “Obviously she steals every scene she’s in, she’s fantastic. I couldn’t have a better mother for Queen Helena.”

While Hurley and Collins get along in real life, their on-screen relationship is not necessarily as smooth. When the Grand Duchess arrived in Season 1, she gave the Queen a proper scolding for failing to keep her family together. Alexandra reminded Helena about how much trouble they went through to get her to the throne and how much she royally botched everything.

She told Helena to get her act together to save the family and the monarchy. She was unable to achieve either of those two goals, with King Simon dead, and her children declared illegitimate in the season finale.

When she returns for Season 2, she will likely be appalled by the mess that her daughter has made inside the palace. Hurley hints that there will be a funny scene between them along with her son, Prince Liam, played by actor William Moseley on Episode 4.

“The Royals” returns on Sunday, Nov. 11 at 10:00 pm ET only on E!.