Speculation has been rife over the potential of Apple iPhone becoming available on other carriers apart from its current AT&T, new reports have surfaced that it the opposite may be the truth.

HotHardware reported over the weekend that that an anonymous insider said that AT&T is tired of taking the heat for poor reception that the iPhone receives and that it is giving the carrier a bad name.

According to the report, AT&T is set to announce this on Wednesday, the same day that Apple is rumored to unveil its highly anticipated Tablet.

The source also said that when AT&T loses their grip on the iPhone, they'll be introducing a bunch of other new smartphones with new platforms in order to compensate.

AT&T believes that once the data-hogging iPhone goes elsewhere, their other phones will become more reliable, and the reputation of the carrier will be restored, according to the source.

Earlier at CES, the new Windows Mobile, Android and webOS-based phones were announced and said to be released on the AT&T network.

Apple is set to release their earnings after the closing bell later today.

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