Users seeking a higher performance from their iPhone 4 camera have turned to apps such as HDR Camera, True HDR, Instagram, which visually creates enhanced photos with higher colors, filters, and exposures. For iPhone 5 users, hopefully they won't need to rely on third party apps for a genuine high performance camera that could top other Smartphones.

The iPhone 5 camera will have to contend with other high performance cameras that is already available on the market. The Nokia N86, HTC Inspire 4G, and Samsung Galaxy S II already released good overall camera for Smartphones. All possess 8 megapixel cameras and perform well in both outdoor and indoor settings along with capable strong flash lights.

Rumors have reported that the iPhone 5 will carry significant upgrades compared to the current iPhone 4 camera. Among this is the dual LED flash, an 8 megapixel rear-facing camera, and a front camera for video chat. This would make a large improvement from the iPhone 4 current 5 megapixel camera. The iPhone 5 will also run on the company's new mobile operating system iOS 5.

The dual LED will bring more light into photos, as complaints have poured in about the iPhone 4 current single LED low glow performance. This means stronger light for photos and also utilizing it as a true flashlight tool rather than the white screen glow utilized by various apps.

To make things more interesting, Apple filed a patent that may improve image snapping with mobile camera smartphones. The patent is titled Image Capture Device Having Tilt and/or Perspective Correction. The future iPhone cameras can utilize different sensors such as gyroscope and accelerometer to measure a photo capture. It would then automatically compensate the orientation and distance, allowing photos to come out perfectly with little or no need for post editing. According to the patent, users can expect to take pictures in a moving vehicles and get clear snapshot results. It may even be possible to connect it to GPS for orientation measurements. Among other camera related patents, Apple also is filing one for multiple rear facing cameras that can capture 3D images.

With innovative features like that on a smartphone, it could propel the future of iPhone cameras above the competition. There is no confirmation if the perspective tilt and 3D feature will be ready for the iPhone 5 fall release.

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