Buckingham Palace has denied a tabloid report that Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, is pregnant.

I've seen a version of this story a number of times from all over the world, and suffice to say that were it true, it would be us who announce it, not a gossip magazine, a palace representative told Us magazine.

The representative said the Prince William and Kate were not ready for taking the responsibility of a child -- at least not anytime soon.

This is the third time the Star tabloid has published a Kate pregnancy report. This time, the magazine has said Kate is pregnant with twins - a boy and a girl. William almost collapsed with joy - and relief - when Kate called to tell him she was pregnant, the magazine cited a nameless source as saying.

The magazine claimed that Buckingham Palace was abuzz with word that the first-ever royal twins are on the way! The so-called sources of Star said, Doctors confirmed the exciting baby news exactly 100 days after the April 29 royal wedding.

Though Kate is under pressure to have a child but the royal couple seems to be currently enjoying their own special, romantic moments.

The royal newlyeds recently traveled around North America and enjoyed the ordinary activities of life such as having home-cooked meals, laughing over silly comedies, slipping into a theater for a movie and spending time alone, according to OK! Magazine.