With Steve Jobs resigning from the role of the CEO, the running of Apple is expected to be more of a team effort rather than the one man show which we are so used to.

The leadership functions so fantastically executed by Steve Jobs will now be shared by the following five:

Tim Cook- He is the new CEO. When Jobs went for medical leave earlier he had been in this position. He has been in Apple for the last 12 years. Before Apple he was mostly involved in supply chain activities in Compaq and IBM. Within Apple, he has the experience of fine tuning the processes in the manufacturing side. He has been a champion in sorting out issues related to supply chain processes. The issue here can be that he always remained in the background. Now all of a sudden he is going to be in the limelight. It really has to be seen how far he is going to adjust as well as fill the large vacuum created by the departure of Steve Jobs.

Peter Oppenheimer- He is the CFO of Apple. The question is whether Apple is giving equal importance to finance as to designing and technological advancements. Will he feel that he has been overlooked in handing over the top job to Cook? It does show that finance is not the most coveted department in Apple. Also it is expected that he will continue to serve Apple with the same level of integrity and sincerity as he did during the tenure of Jobs.

Philip Schiller- First question that comes to mind is what is a guy with a major in Biology doing in technology product marketing?  Whatever it is, the fact is he has done exceedingly well. He has been working closely with Jobs. He has been found to be highly involved in the marketing strategies as well as presentations. He might continue to play this role and help Cook take over in a smooth manner.

Jonathan Ive- He leads the industrial design team of Apple. If anyone is curious as to who the owner of the fantastic brain behind the designs of iMac, iPod and iPhone is, then the answer is Ive. He will have to to come up with such terrific designs for the future products also. But if he runs out of steam in the absence of Jobs, then things might get difficult.

Scott Forstall- He heads the development of software for the iPhone and iPad in Apple. He is the visible person during launch events who helps Jobs in demonstrating features of the products. He will have to carry on with his dedicated approach in ensuring that Cook will have a similar easy ride during product launches like the one Jobs used to enjoy.

Together they will have to form the true Famous Five if Apple has to carry forward with the same energy and enthusiasm it had shown during the time of Steve Jobs.