The San Fermin Festival is officially over. For the last eight days, thousands have swarmed the small town of Pamplona, Spain, to drink massive amounts of wine and watch a load of people run for their lives from a pack of angry bulls.

So far this year eight people were gored by bulls, three on the last day of the festival. Two of them are Australians, five Spaniards and one is a Chicago man, Bill Hillmann, a 10-year Pamplona veteran and author of “How to Run with the Bulls.” He was gored and sent to the hospital on day three. Thirty-five more were injured in "traumatisms."

You can watch one of the most gruesome gorings below. It took place at a part of the course that turns an almost 90-degree angle. Its the most dangerous section of the run.

Here's a full list of the stats from the last eight days. One man tried to snap a selfie while participating in the run and is now sought by police for breaking a law against filming during San Fermin's famous running of the bulls.