On Monday night, when Taylor Armstrong discovered the body of her estranged husband Russell Armstrong, Francisco Martin, Russell's friend was with her.

In an interview with OK! Magazine, Francisco, the CEO of beautyticket.com described Russell as a great person and said that Taylor is devastated by his death.

Francisco further said, I had not heard from Russell since last Friday so I went to his place where he was staying together with Taylor. I met her over there at the place. His roommate basically let us in and Taylor was outside waiting and we got into the house from a back window that was open because his door was locked. And we found his body there. That's basically what happened.

The Real housewives of the Beverley hills star Russell, 47, apparently committed suicide and was found hanging in the bedroom.

Francisco went on about Russell, saying that he was a very nice person with a very good sense of humor, unlike how a lot of people would have perceived him to be-cold.

Russell was everything but cold, he told the magazine.

Taylor, Francisco said, is mourning. He added she is a great friend and support system and she is devastated by his death. Francisco, who was a close friend of the couple insisted that they love each other, and that nothing could speak against that.