The YouTube video of a Russian "skywalker" with a strategically placed video camera has erupted on the Internet. The video, which depicts a young woman balancing on a beam high in the air, gained so much notoriety because the camera is focused just as much on her cleavage as on the scary balancing act.

Marina Bezrukova, who now might be better known as the "breastwalker," is a member of the Moscow-based rope jumping team MADS, according to the description under the video on YouTube. She's shown walking several dozens of meters on a narrow beam outside a Moscow highrise apartment complex. The video is just the latest in the "skywalkers" series MADS has released, but certainly the one that has gained the most attention.

Beruzkova reportedly said that she joined the rope-jumping team because she wanted to overcome her fear of heights and learn how to stay in control.

The video was first posted on on Monday and has already been viewed almost 200,000 times and garnered more than 1,000 comments.  Not surprisingly, the reaction around the Internet has been overwhelmingly positive.

"Nice aerial view, literally," commented one YouTube user. "I never saw the ground," added someone else.

The New York Daily News reports that "skywalking" is one of Russia's fastest-growing trends and has gained international recognition after three young men uploaded a video of themselves climbing barehanded up an 800-foot-high bridge. When the three friends announced that they planned to climb another bridge the following day, the police arrested them there. Photographers everywhere have started climbing to hard-to-reach places and releasing the images they capture.