The Pennsylvania State Police Bureau of Liquor Enforcement has said there would be no charges against the bar where ‘Jackass’ star Ryan Dunn had his last drink.

The bar employees testified that Dunn did not look intoxicated when he left the bar in the wee hours of Monday. They also testified that Dunn was served two beers and six shots over a period of four hours. The investigating agency examined the surveillance video which showed Dunn without apparent signs of binge-drinking and intoxication.

It was also revealed that Dunn's final drinks of the night were given to him by fans at a back table, an AP report said, quoting Sgt. William La Torre of the Pennsylvania State Police Bureau of Liquor Enforcement. La Torre also said Dunn wasn't eating as he drank.

Most likely the final shot given by the fan put him over the edge, according to La Torre.

On Wednesday, a toxicology report showed Dunn had drunk enough to get his blood alcohol level more than twice the legal limit when he died in a car crash while returning from a bar.

The daredevil had an alcohol level of 0.196, way higher than the 0.08 legal limit set for drivers in Pennsylvania. Surveillance footage from the bar where Dunn had his last drink, the Barnbay's, showed that Dunn had a rather steady gait and clear speech when he left in the wee hours of Monday. The bar manager also testified that Dunn had not looked punch-drunk.

He spoke clearly. He walked clearly.... If these results are true, I'm shocked at it, general manager Frank Herron told the LA Times. He said he has passed on the tapes to the police.

However, according to medical experts appearances of a seasoned drinker can be deceptive. While a light drinker would appear too intoxicated at that level of alcohol in the blood, a heavy drinker is more attuned to high alcohol levels and holds himself pretty well.

Police also said Dunn's Porsche 911 GT3 was traveling at a speed of 140 miles per hour (mph) on the stretch of a road where speed limit is 55 mph. The car careened off the road trying to negotiate speeds too fast to handle, crashed through the guardrails, sped into the woods out of control and exploded in flames.

Dunn and his 30-year-old passenger Zachary Hartwell died on the spot of the accident after their Porsche caught fire in the force of the crash. The remains of the car looked no better than a spider's web.

His car was capable of reaching 190 mile per hour and the accident was surmised to have been caused by high speed. Hours before his death Dunn had tweeted a photo of himself, along with two male friends, having drinks.

Meanwhile there have been reports saying that Dunn held a big bash at the Barnbay's Sunday night. He was drinking quick. He ordered for the entire bar, a friend who drank with Dunn the fateful night told the Daily Mail.

The crowd was just pouring in. It was a massive party, with people everywhere, drinking, said Thaddeus Kalinoski, who had spent five hours drinking with Dunn at Barnaby's.

Dunn had drank at least four shots of whiskey and had been the 'the life of the party', the friend said. More crucially, he said Dunn was severely intoxicated though he did not appear drunk.



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