Ryan Gosling is looking bruised and broken in the teaser poster for the role in his upcoming movie, “Only God Forgives.”

In the film, Gosling plays Julian, an ex-boxer-turned-gangster whom in order to avenge the death of his brother fights a Bangkok police lieutenant in a Thai-boxing match.

His mother Jenna, played by Kristin Scott Thomas urges the mobster to kill the person responsible for his sibling’s death.

On the poster, the Gosling’s face is “transformed into a beaten and bloodied mess” and is “virtually unrecognizable,” according to the Daily Mail.

The actor reportedly trained in Muay Thai boxing for the role. As per photos shot of scenes on location in Thailand, his “injuries” appear to have been done with prosthesis and include a swollen nose and right eye and a blackened left eye.

Written and directed by Nicolas Winding Refn, the film in scheduled to release March 2013.

According to Gosling, the movie is “the strangest thing I've ever read and it's only going to get stranger.”

Gosling is also playing in another mobster film, “Gangster Squad,” scheduled to release in early 2013.

Written by Will Beall and directed by Ruben Fleischer, the film has an all-star cast including, Emma Stone, Sean Penn, Mireille Enos, Giovanni Ribisi, Michael Peña, Josh Brolin and Anthony Mackie.