Ryan Gosling and rumored girlfriend Eva Mendes cozy up for the newest addition to Funny or Die's hilarious Drunk History series, Drunk History Christmas.

Gosling and Mendes play a husband and wife who reenact the traditional story of Santa Claus (played by Jim Carey) as told by a hammered Allan McLeod. McLeod is an actor, writer and comedian living in Los Angeles.

On Dec. 15, he drank half a bottle of whiskey and then attempted to recite a classic Christmas poem.

The hysterical video opens with McLeod already slurring his words while recounting not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. The funnyman then proceeds to stumble, mess up his lines and curse at his mistakes. I'm sorry guys. Guys, I'm sorry, he apologized. 

The scene then switches to Gosling, in bed with Mendes. Gosling must recite the lines exactly like McLeod, slowly and garbled.

The Hollywood hunk shows his comedic side in this clip, joining the ranks of previous Funny or Die actors Jack Black and Michael Cera.

Carey, 49, then pops in as jolly Santa Claus while McLeod forgets the names of all but two of the reindeer. On Dancer, on Prancer, on Shouter and Blintzen [sic]. On... uh... maybe, I, they may have, I may have already named all the guys. He apologizes profusely yet again for his blunders. 

By the end of the clip, the drunken narrator chomps on some cookies and knocks over a teapot.

As for Gosling and Mendes, they complete the scene looking like the picture-perfect couple. The two have been spotted jet-setting around the world, from Disneyland to Paris. Whether or not this affection will last has yet to be seen. Neither has publicly announced the relationship.

Watch the Funny or Die Drunk History Christmas below.

WARNING: The clip includes vulgar language.