Ex-Chargers quarterback Ryan Leaf was arrested on Monday for the second time in three days, this time on charges of breaking into a home and stealing prescription drugs.

He was also arrested Friday when police found him to be in possession of oxycodone pills that he allegedly stole from the home of a friend.

Leaf was released on Friday after posting a $76,000 bail, but after his second infraction he is not eligible for bail so he will remain in jail in Central Falls, Mont., until he can make his court appearances for the various offenses.

Leaf was already on probation from his time as a quarterbacks coach for West Texas A&M. He was accused of breaking into a player's home and the subsequent investigation showed that he had obtained nearly 1,000 pain pills during the eight months he was a coach.

Leaf pleaded out of jail time in Texas, but was sentenced to 10 years' probation as part of the agreement. His latest arrests violate that probation.

He now faces serious jail time for the two most recent infractions as well as the probation violation, and will be extradited to Texas to face charges there as well.

This is yet another chapter in the sad story of Leaf's life since he was drafted second overall in the 1998 NFL draft behind Peyton Manning. He failed with the Chargers and spent some time with Tampa Bay, Dallas and Seattle before he was out of the league four years after being drafted.

He is now synonymous with draft busts and has been named the worst draft pick of all time by many different television shows and publications. He finished his NFL career with 3,666 yards passing, 14 touchdowns and 36 interceptions.

Leaf was last in the news in 2011 when he had a benign tumor removed from his brain.