Ryan Lochte's sister is making a splash in the media by fooling the public into thinking she is one of her brother's flavors of the week.

Shortly after completing his London Olympic duties, Lochte, along with his sister, Megan J. Torrini, and his stylist went out on the town to celebrate. On their way out of the club they were partying at, photographers captured shots of Lochte with the two women as they piled into a van.

In the days following, multiple news outlets reported that Lochte was having some late-night fun with a new "mystery woman."

After if it was discovered that the woman was none other than Ryan Lochte's 31-year-old sister, Sports Grid, one of the first sites to initially report the spotting, issued a retraction.

"Man, do we feel gross. BuzzFeed made us feel just terrible Tuesday night, pointing out that the girl in the blue striped shirt on Lochte's lap in the now infamous back seat picture was his indeed his sister, Megan," the website wrote.

While the news is quite settling for Lochte lovers, the Olympic gold medalist spoke to E! News about what the future holds for him as far as female companionship.

"Yeah, I mean I definitely want a relationship. I want to give a certain someone my heart," Lochte told E! News. "I mean, I just gotta find the right girl."

The 28-year-old swimmer who took home two gold, two silver and one bronze medal at the 2012 London Olympics even commented on what he would be doing during his remaining days in London.

"I'm just gonna celebrate and hang out with my family. They are here until after I leave and I haven't yet gone sightseeing so I really want to do that," Lochte said. "I want to ride the double-decker buses and I want to get a tour of the city. I've been wanting to do that forever now."

When asked what his plans were as far as another Olympic run, Lochte confirmed a Rio 2016 appearance by saying, "Yes. I'm definitely going another four years. You can count on me being in Rio, and you know what? If I'm still having fun in the sport then I'm gonna go for another four years."