Breaking the fourth wall is basically Ryan Reynolds’ job now. In “Deadpool,” his character Wade Wilson talks to the audience, references Ryan Reynolds and even mentions that other version of Deadpool that he played. So it shouldn’t be too surprising that he participated in the Honest Trailers parody of the film.

The video, which was released Tuesday, is similar to what the Honest Trailers series on the Screen Junkies channel always does. Except this time, Reynolds interrupts after about a minute to add his own jokes. He’s into the compliments, but he is not exactly thrilled with the narrator’s criticism of the film. Watch him get offended in the Honest Trailer for “Deadpool” below (like the real film, this trailer is filled with not-safe-for-work jokes):

Andy Signore, Defy Media’s vice president of programming, reached out through social media, and Reynolds was very interested in the project. “He said ‘Hey it’s Ryan, I'm a huge fan of Honest Trailers, I loved your ‘Green Lantern’ one,’” Signore explained to Mashable. “He said ‘I’m super busy, but what are you thinking?’ I sort of told him about what I was thinking. I said, ‘How about I give you a couple of pages and if you like it and have time?’ Then I gave him my email, and he emailed me. He was so nice and accommodating and made time.”

Though the release of the Honest Trailer version of “Deadpool” conveniently coincides with the Blu-ray/DVD release date (May 6), Reynolds does love to cater to his fans. After all, he credits them with the reason Twentieth Century Fox made the film. It was audience response to leaked “Deadpool” test footage that convinced the studio to make the R-rated superhero flick.

“That [test footage] was just meant to establish how the world would operate. It was really meant for internal use only,” Reynolds explained to the Los Angeles Times in February. “It was never meant to be shown to the public in any way. But the fan reaction so overwhelmed Fox that they really saw that there was a huge appetite for Deadpool — and that’s what gave us the green light. I think that’s exclusively the reason the movie got made.”

Reynolds is filming “Deadpool 2” right now. Fans will have to wait and see if Reynolds does an Honest Trailer for the sequel too.