Graydon Sheppard returns as the girl in a new episode of S--t Girls Say. (PHOTO: Screen Capture / YouTube)

Graydon Sheppard is back with a new episode of S--t Girls Say, a video series the Canadian filmmaker co-created with his friend Kyle Humphrey.

In episode two, Sheppard (who plays the girl in the Web series) dons new dresses, new jokes and flawlessly delivers new silent looks.

Is that a mojito? Is that lip balm? and Is that hummus? are just some of the new hilarious phrases he says in the video, which lasts for just under one minute.

Since its debut one week ago, S--t Girls Say, based on the Twitter account of the same name, has attracted all sorts of attention, from a handful of celebrity followers (Zooey Deschanel, Mindy Kaling) to parody videos like S--t Gay Guys Say and S--t Black Girls Say (by separate creators).

The premiere episode, which also features actress Juliette Lewis, has been viewed by more than 4.9 million people on YouTube. In the video, Lewis enters a bar and screams and jumps over an overdue reunion between herself and Sheppard. On Monday, Lewis re-posted the new episode on her personal Twitter account, accompanied by the phrase, I can't believe it's Monday already.

The S--t Girls Say Twitter account has also more than doubled in followers, with more than 235,000 following its daily dose of things girls typically say.

A few recent samples: I mean, she's pretty, but that's about all she has going for her. I was just about to call you. Are we in a fight?

Scroll down to watch S--t Girls Say episode two, followed by its premiere episode.