Just how serious are “Love and Hip-Hop Hollywood” stars Safaree Samuels and Nikki Mudarris about each other?

In an interview with VH1, the two have finally opened up about the real score between them. They shared their first impressions of each other and whether or not they've taken their relationship to the next level.

Samuels, who was in a 12-year relationship with rapper Nicki Minaj, said that he was hesitant to approach Mudarris a.k.a. Nikki Baby at first, thinking she was “shallow and materialistic.” After getting to know the reality star, however, Samuels said she definitely got him hooked.

Mudarris, meanwhile, said that she had always been attracted to Samuels. She said they were introduced by a mutual friend, but the rapper was still in a relationship so she kept her distance. Once the flame between Samuels and Minaj fizzled, Mudarris took her chance.

The two also addressed people’s comments about their pairing. Mudarris has the same name as Samuels’ ex, and there are many who find it awkward and odd. However, the two stars said they have no problem with it. They said they understand why people would compare the entrepreneur to the “Anaconda” rapper, but the couple maintained that they are aware of how different the two are as people.

Despite the flak he has been getting about jumping from a Nicki to a Nikki, Samuels said what he feels about Mudarris is real. The rapper added that he is aware that people think their relationship is fake, but he maintains that he is not the type of person to fake his emotions, so everything that people see from him and Mudarris is real.

Samuels’ profession of his affection for Mudarris comes a few weeks after he said in a tweet that he’s ready to be friends with Minaj again, so long as she lowers her pride. Samuels and Minaj called it quits in October 2014.