The devil has come to Salem. WGN America premiered Season 3 of the witchy drama and finally showed Mary Sibley coming back to life. Episode 1 kicked off with Tituba become a seer, John Alden becoming the head of a militia and Cotton Mather realizing that his wife Anne Hale isn’t going to give him his freedom.

What will happen next week in “Salem”?

The TV series will see Mary (Janet Montgomery) coming to terms with her resurrection after the Essex witches brought her back to life. But why did they? The promo of Season 3, episode 2 shows an Essex witch telling the mother of the devil (Oliver Bell), “You’ve been given the chance to undo all your crimes.” She is the only person on Earth who can stop Lucifer and that is why they used magic to raise her from the depths of hell.

The preview, shockingly, shows Mary going straight to the devil’s home, which was once her house. Sebastian is stunned to see her alive but she makes it clear to her admirer that she returned for her son.

However, the best part of the video is Mary and Alden (Shane West) reuniting. The two love birds sleep together. The former Captain is also seen being stabbed by an Indian later in Season 3.

The synopsis (via TVGuide) of the upcoming episode in “Salem,” titled “The Heart Is A Devil,” states that Mary is determined at keeping evil at bay when she leaves the comfort of Alden’s arms. Will the two join forces to defeat the devil and, if possible, get their boy back? It certainly seems so.

Whatever the case may be, the devil is on Earth and Mary must stop him from destroying humanity.

“Salem” Season 3, episode 2 premieres on Wednesday, Nov. 9 at 9 p.m. EDT on WGN America.