A new trailer for the upcoming installment of “Salem” has been released! And despite the Season 3 promo only giving fans a 20-second glimpse of what’s to come in the frightening series, the teaser features a slew of seriously creepy scenes.

The video introduces fans to Salem’s newest villain: Thomas Dinley — a character who will be played by rock star Marilyn Manson when the WGN America drama returns Halloween week. Thomas holds a dual role in Salem as the town’s barber and surgeon. But in addition to cutting hair, Thomas will also be cutting some throats as the devil’s sadistic sidekick.

“My character ends up being something that could be called the devil’s advocate or the devil’s best friend,” Manson, who also wrote the show’s haunting opening tune “Cupid Carries a Gun,” told Entertainment Weekly.

According to the singer, his character will help the pint-sized demon (Oliver Bell) in the devil’s attempt to bring “nothing but death and slavery” to the world. But how will a barber/doctor play a role in the destruction of humanity? Well, with his knife, of course!

The show’s creator Brannon Braga described the moralless Thomas Dinley as a combination between Vidal Sasson and Jack the Ripper with a pinch of Sweeney Todd. “Don’t be surprise if you see a meat pie or two,” he teased.  

But if that didn’t make you lose your appetite this sure will. The fresh trailer gives fans a peek at Thomas’ merciless and gruesome behavior when he picks a leach off of a corpse before slurping it down with a smile.

Audiences can watch Manson make his “Salem” debut when the series returns to WGN America on Wednesday, Nov. 2.