Heathens, WGN America’s “Salem” Season 3 will soon be upon us. The Season 2 finale saw the shocking death of witch Mary Sibley after she sacrificed her life to save her lover John Alden. Unfortunately, Mary and John’s son became a vessel for the devil. He walked on Earth and killed Countess Marburg. Meanwhile, Anne Hale married Cotton Mather and stuffed a familiar rat named Brown Jenkins down his throat, thus sealing his fate as the next George Sibley.

Season 3 will kick off after the events of Season 2 with the devil (Oliver Bell) continuing his plans to reign over the world and make Salem his capital. However, an interesting storyline may be in store for witch Anne Hale, now Anne Mather.

In a shocking Season 3 promo released recently by WGN America, Anne seems to tell Cotton that they are going to have a baby. In the creepy video, Cotton tries to flee from Anne and her familiar’s clutches. When she finally catches up to him, while stuffing her rat down his throat, she says, “It’s just you and me, and baby makes three.”

Does this mean Anne is pregnant, or is she simply referring to her Brown Jenkins as a baby?

Watch the teaser trailer below:

The official trailer of “Salem” Season 3 (seen above) teases that Anne may have a relationship with her brother, Sebastian (Joe Doyle), since they are seen closing in for a kiss. Is she pregnant with her brother’s child?

Although Mary (Janet Montgomery) and Tituba (Ashley Madekwe) are alive, it is up to Mary to stop her son/the devil from leading humanity to destruction. But first, she must be resurrected from the dead.

Apart from the regular characters, Season 3 will have two new ones – a bloody barber/surgeon named Thomas Dinley (Marilyn Manson), an ally of the devil, and The Sentinel (Samuel Roukin), a fallen angel and protector of the devil.

“Salem” Season 3 premieres on Wednesday, Nov. 2 on WGN America.