WGN America TV series “Salem” kicked the gruesome factor a notch in Season 3, episode 2. This episode explored the aftermath of Mary Sibley’s resurrection in the season premiere and revealed her new plan.

Here’s what happened in “Salem” Season 3, episode 2 “The Heart Is A Devil”:

Mary Has To Kill The Devil

The Essex witches make it clear to Mary (Janet Montgomery) that she must kill the devil (Oliver Bell). She is the only one who can since she birthed him. However, Mary isn’t keen on saving the world much less righting the wrongs of the Essex witches. After all, they were the ones who made her complete the Grand Rite. But when Tituba (Ashely Madekwe) shows her a future with no humans – not even John Alden (Shane West) – she is ready to kill him.

Furthermore, we learn in “Salem” Season 3, episode 2 that Mary has been resurrected with the help of the primordial tree. She is bound to the roots of the tree since its magic was used to bring her back to life.

But First A Little Lovemaking

Before Mary meets her son, however, she wants to meet Alden. They indulge in a night filled with passionate lovemaking. This isn’t a reunion of two lovers. Mary is saying goodbye to the love of her life because she may not live for long especially since she is going to fight the devil.

In the morning, much to Alden’s dismay, Mary leaves. She needs to kill her son. Her lover protests but she quickly silences him with her magic.

Later, Tituba drops by and reveals to John that she used him in order to convince Mary to kill her son, John Jr. Alden is furious. But the seer hasn’t visited him to anger him. She urges him to lead the militia and train them for the war that is waging outside the walls of Salem. Last episode, we saw the Captain shoot at an Indian only to see him rise. He was unfazed by the bullet.

Salem John Alden leads and trains the militia of Salem. Photo: WGN America

Enter Thomas Dinley

Isaac (Iddo Goldberg) uses barber/surgeon Thomas Dinley’s (Marilyn Manson) expertise to find out what happened to Alice’s uncle. He quickly connects his mysterious death to the owner of Salem’s brothel.

Isaac takes this information to Magistrate Hawthorne (Jeremy Crutchley) who says he will personally look in to the matter by paying the brothel a visit.

Mary Meets Her Son

After a night of copious lovemaking, Mary arrives at her house. She meets The Sentinel (Samuel Roukin) – the devil’s bodyguard. He is obviously not happy having her around and makes it apparent. Still, it’s the devil’s house. He is happy to see her. But before Mary can live with him she must pass The Sentinel’s test.

While The Sentinel tortures Mary and asks her questions about how she came to life, we learn that the devil’s bodyguard is the king of insects. He was the first creature God created. Also, we learn in “Salem” Season 3, episode 2 that The Sentinel has met Mary before. He and his insects crawled on Mary’s pregnant belly in the woods when she sought Tituba’s help.

Fortunately, Mary passes The Sentinel’s test. She is then allowed to bathe her son in the bathtub. Realizing that this is a good opportunity, she tries to kill the devil by stabbing him. Did you really think it would be that easy Mary? Turns out that the Sentinel was disguised as the devil. When the devil learns of his mother’s betrayal, The Sentinel asks him permission to kill her.

Cotton Delivers A Speech

The great Reverend Cotton Mather (Seth Gabel) and his wife Anne Hale (Tamzin Merchant) are still fighting. Cotton wants to die but Anne doesn’t want him to. Fortunately, the devil has a plan for the priest. He wants him to calm the fears of the public by giving a speech at the church. If he doesn’t allay their fears he will kill him.

At first Cotton disagrees. He doesn’t want to be Judas. Anne persuades him a lot and finally he concedes. Cotton is doing the devil’s work and even Alden can’t stop him.

Alden Trains The Militia

Meanwhile, the great Captain trains the militia he has to lead. Alden takes a shine to a young, brave boy who we later learn – gasp! – is actually a girl.

Hawthorne At Mercy’s Mercy

Sleazy politician Hawthorne bargains with the brothel’s owner, Mercy Lewis (Elise Eberle) to get 50 percent of their earnings. But Hawthorne doesn’t know who or what Mercy is. She quickly poisons him and has him begging at her feet.

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