Before fans could swoon over actor Sam Claflin’s portrayal of Finnick Odair in “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire,” the British-native is already off the market.

According to a report from Us Weekly Wednesday, Claflin married fellow entertainer, actress Laura Haddock, both 27, during a small ceremony earlier this week. News of the couples’ wedding broke after a photo of the newlyweds cutting their reception cake surfaced on Instagram. A rep for Claflin commented on the image to the magazine Thursday saying, “We can confirm that Sam Claflin and Laura Haddock are married.”

While the couple’s ceremony was private, the couple has repeatedly addressed their relationship to the public with Claflin even referring to his now wife during a May 2012 interview as “the one.” “She's my female counterpart is the best way to describe her,” Claflin told Us Weekly. “She is my mum… She reminds me of my mum so much which I think -- a guy will know, right? It's important. Your mum knows like everything,” he said.

Despite winning roles as Kristen Stewart’s on-screen lover in “Snow White and the Huntsman” and his upcoming role alongside Jennifer Lawrence in “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” as sugar-cube eating tribute Finnick Odair, Haddock claims her new hubby is down to earth. “Well, he is very sexy," she told Empire magazine. "You know, he looks gorgeous in that film. But if you said that to him, he'd say, 'What? Me? I'm from Norwich!'"

Haddock can be seen next in the comedy film “SuperBob.” The second “Hunger Games” installment, in which Claflin will make his debut, is due in theatres Nov. 22.