In a shocking turn of events, Samsung admitted Wednesday that it does have washing machines that are at risk of exploding. The Galaxy Note 7 maker also revealed that it is now working with regulators to address this issue that has surfaced amid the global recall of its latest flagship smartphone. 

Apple’s biggest rival is walking on thin ice as it meets another alarming issue that could ruin its reputation as an international electronics brand. Just after reports of its Galaxy Note 7 replacement units being defective surfaced, the company is hit by another issue that is putting the spotlight onto its washing machine business. 

According to Consumer Reports, Samsung has acknowledged the new issue on its official website, saying that it does have top-loading washing machines that “pose a risk of personal injury or property damage.” The tech giant’s statement comes in the wake of circulating consumer complaints about “exploding” washers. 

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CSPC) has already looked into the consumer complaints, and it has already issued a warning to consumers about top-loading washing machines that were manufactured between March 2011 and April 2016. 

ABC News reports there have already been 21 cases of  incidents involving these “exploding” washing machines that were reported to (CSPC), so the government agency has already decided to work with Samsung to come up with a fix for the problem. 

Based on the complaints, the problem with Samsung’s faulty washing machines mainly lies with the rod that’s made to support the machine’s internal basket. The rod is supposed to keep the basket in place as the later spins at high speeds during the wash, rinse and spin dry cycles. 

As a temporary fix, Apple is asking owners to just use the lower speed delicate cycle if they are washing bedding, as well as bulky and water-resistant materials. Samsung claims that this is the safest thing to do right now because there have been no incident reports that claim this speed cycle could also lead machines to explode, as per Apple Insider

The news about Samsung’s “exploding” washing machines comes after the controversial global recall of its problematic Galaxy Note 7 handsets. Just shortly after hitting stores, reports of the device catching fire and exploding surfaced, prompting the South Korean company to voluntarily recall its newest phablet.