Bloomberg reported that Samsung dropped its US lawsuit against Apple for patent infringement.  However, for the US lawsuit Apple filed against Samsung, Samsung will continue to defend its counter claim that Apple violated Samsung patents.

A Samsung spokesperson told Bloomberg that the company dropped the US lawsuit to streamline the legal proceedings.

Internationally, Samsung is still suing Apple for patent infringement in South Korea and Germany.

The legal battles between Apple and Samsung, two leading hardware manufacturers for smartphones and tablets, is particularly messy and nasty.  They're suing each other all over the world and making hardline demands. 

Samsung wants Apple to turn over samples of the company's product prototypes.  Both companies are trying to get each other's products banned in the US.

Apple, which started the war, is alleging that Samsung copied its style and user interface for the Galaxy smartphones and tablets.  Samsung is alleging that Apple copied its patent-protect technology in telecommunications for the iPhone and iPad.