Samsung has always come up with brilliant featured devices that has helped it keep ahead in the Android smartphone race. The Android-based Galaxy Beam is going to ensure that the South Korean tech majors stays ahead in the race.

One of the best features of Samsung Galaxy Beam is its built-in Pico projector. It enables to beam the images, video, games, business presentations and other content onto the walls or any other flat surface. Samsung Galaxy Beam contains 2000mAh battery that can keep the content projecting for at least three hours. It projects the content via 15 lumens with HD display up to 50-inches wide, which can be a competing factor since other projector phones are capable for 10 lumens. One can enjoy the movies, videos and experience the full HD quality in a dark room since projections will be brighter. According to the user, the direction can be set horizontally or vertically. If one holds the phone horizontally then the content such as movies or photos can be viewed the best on the flat surface.

The Beam will project at a resolution of 640x360 pixels. The LED bulb has a life span of 20000 hours. The thickness of the Galaxy Beam is 12.5 millimeters. Hence Samsung calls it the thinnest projector phone in the world. Samsung fans can expect the Galaxy Beam to be launched in the markets in the coming months.

Technical Specifications

Display : Super AMOLED 

Dimension : 124x64.2x12.5 millimeters 

Processor : 1Gigahertz dual-core

Internal Memory : 8 GB

Camera resolution (rear-facing) : 5 Megapixels

Camera resolution (front-facing) : 1.3 Megapixels

Battery : 2000mAh

Operating System : Android 2.3 (Gingerbread)

Weight : 145.3 grams

Screen resolution : 480x800 pixels

Screen size : 4 inches

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