Google and Samsung have teamed up again to launch the third iteration of the official Google phone, the Nexus. At the Oct. 19 unveiling in Hong Kong, the all new 4.65-inch screen Nexus debuted with the never before seen Ice Cream Sandwich, Android's new operating system update. It's a Samsung made phone, and the Galaxy S2 is their top model phone, but Nexus truly has only one purpose. To challenge the iPhone.

iPhone 4S already sold four million devices in only its first three days of launch. Those numbers may have been bolstered by Steve Jobs having died only the day after iPhone 4S was unveiled, but they are enormous numbers, nevertheless. Nexus has no official release date or price yet, but the details that are known make for the most complete challenge yet to iPhone.

Nexus has an answer to iPhone 4S's Siri. Well, it has voice to text recognition anyways. Nexus can't talk back to you or look things up, but it can send your texts just by you speaking to it. The most obvious difference is the Nexus' larger screen. It's over an inch larger thatn iPhone 4S and features the Super AMOLED technology Samsung is known for. iPhone 4S also doesn't have the near field communication chip Nexus has. Nexus allows you to use Google Wallet to purchase items with your phone by tapping the device on a sensor, but also debuts the Android Beam. Beam lets two NFC enabled Android devices instantly share videos, music and more by holding the devices close to each other. Additionlly, the other big feature Nexus offers is the Face Unlock where you smile at the phone and it recognizes your face to unlock the screen. Lastly, Nexus has a slightly curved screen for better viewing and of course, the new Android OS 4.0. Check out this side by side comparison of the known specs.


Galaxy Nexus

iPhone 4S


4.65 inches, Super AMOLED HD,

3.5-inch Multi-Touch


135.5 x 67.94 x 8.94 mm

115.2 x 58.6 x 9.3 mm


135 grams

140 grams





Bluetooth 3.0

Bluetooth 4.0


5 megapixel rear; 1.3 megapixel front

8 megapixel rear; VGA front


1.2 GHz dual-core

1GHz dual-core


Android 4.0



16GB or 32GB

16GB, 32GB, 64GB

4G Speeds



Below is a video of the Hong Kong launch of Galaxy Nexus. Tell us in the comments if you would consider this an even match-up or if you think iPhone 4S or Galaxy Nexus is clearly better.

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