Apple VP of iOS Scott Forstall
Apple VP of iOS Scott Forstall Reuters

Apple's iOS 5 is available now for iPad, iPhone and iPod, and it's loaded with new features like a revamped Safari browser and Notifications Center. Apple has those details on their Web site, but some other new upgrades are not so obvious.

For iPhone, there's the Find My iPhone/Find My Friends app. Find My Friends is an app that allows the user to track the location of their friends and family, especially when going out on tours and small trips. The application is a great way to share your location with people who are important to you and the first person that fits into this important list is your partner.

Find My Friends is even paired with Parental Control so moms and dads can view the location of their child on a map. A lesser-known fact is that the application is self-regulated, one can turn it on and off according to their choice.

iPad gets left out of the cool new Multitasking Gestures as the update is only for iPad 2. iPhones are just too small for some things, so iPad 2 owners can now switch back and forth by sliding a finger to go from one app to another.

PhotoSream uploads every picture you take and every screenshot you capture on your iPhone and makes it available to all your other iOS devices. There's currently no way to delete individual pictures from this automatically cloud-synced album, and the photos can't be edited either. It holds 1000 images and only the ones taken in the last 30 days.

Besieds Siri, one the most touted updates Apple has been going on about is iMessage. It's like a live chat room between different users, allowing for real-time interactions without using any text messages. iMessage does not need anybody's personal identification number to send him or her messages. Apple's app immediately detects when the person the user is texting has iMessage enabled and, by default, it will send text as an iMessage any time it can.

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